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Joanne S. Liu

Joanne holds an A.B. from Brown University and a J.D. from Boston University School of Law, where she was both a contributing author and the notes editor for the Annual Review of Banking Law Journal. Her publications have been cited by numerous sources, including in federal court decisions and law school journals. A former attorney, Joanne practiced law in Boston, Mass., where she specialized in condominium law and real estate developments. She also served as the approved-attorney department manager at Chicago Title in Austin, Texas. Her time as an attorney honed her business and research skills, essential skills she uses in her writing career.

Joanne devotes much of her time to business writing for her clients, many of whom are key players in the banking, mortgage, and loan industry. Read more about her business writing here.

She also produces history articles, lesson plans, and study guides for educational publishers. Her subjects vary, and have included American history, India’s monsoon season, ancient civilizations, the French Revolution, the Aztec Empire, and Tudor England. She is the author of Barbed Wire: The Fence That Changed the West, which chronicles the pivotal role of barbed wire in the settling of the American West. Read more about her educational writing here.

Joanne also writes for consumer magazines and trade journals. She specializes in mortgages, lending, travel, health, and history. Read more about her magazine articles here.

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